Chia Protein Powder

Microfractured defatted chia flour, chia protein powder
Chia Protein Powder is obtained through the MicroFracture process of the chia meal after the cold-press oil extraction. Our chia protein powder is often used for food, nutrition bars, smoothies, and bakery applications because of its strong binding power and its multitude of health benefits. Chia Protein Powder is selected from chia cultivated on our farms in Bolivia. Buying directly from the farmer allows for strict quality control and the best prices.
Chia Protein Powder provides a totally unique, free flowing four/meal produced by a proprietary particle reduction method called the MicroFracture process. This unique process enables the seed to be finely fractured into several parts with no loss in yield or nutrients. The flour is free flowing for easy handling and consumption. Mostly important, Supreme Specialty Chia Protein Powder is not exposed to any solvents, heat, or excessive pressures that can leave contaminant residues and damage fragile fatty acid structures. Supreme's Chia Protein Powder retains and delivers to all consumers the natural goodness and pristine benefits that nature intended. Many of the benefits of Chia Protein Powder are derived from the mineral and lignin rich pristine, whole and stable properties along with its high oil content and high antioxidant value. The Chia Protein Powder allows certain enzymes to be released and nutrients to be activated that not only increase the bioavailability but also retards rancidity, preserving the stable integrity of the oils.
Packaging, Shelf Life, and Storage: 

Packaged in 25kg polypropylene bags with a shelf life of 24 months. Store in a cool dry place with a maximum storage temperature of 68 degrees and a maximum relative humidity of 60%.

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